Symantec earns top spot in customer loyalty report

Symantec earns top spot in customer loyalty report, but one has to wonder if they would fair as well in a report of enterprise antivirus admins.
Some of the key evaluation points were overall value, overall product, and company reputation.
Doesn’t Symantec routinely have deals where you can get the home suite for practiaclly free, or free with buying something like Taxcut that you were going to buy anyway? If so, I’d say “free” is a pretty good value. The company reputation is perceived as good based on advertising and shelfspace. The average home computer user doesn’t read AV-Comparatives or Virus Bulletin. They aren’t qualified to determine the quality of the product other than their own subjective judgement.
Tip of the cap to Donna’s SecurityFlash since I first saw the study reported there.