IM Manager Day

Today Symantec I’M Manager (formerly IMLogic IMManager) took far more of my time than I really planned. Last night I got approval to block AIM 6 users until I’M Manager supports that version. The method provided by support was to redirect or block a specific host name. The problem, which I discovered later is that host name is also used for AIM Triton. So redirecting that host name broke AIM Triton which had been working for months. I really don’t see a way to block AIM 6 without taking out Triton as well. It would be easier to deal with this if I was sure Triton 1.3 and 1.5 were successfully being filtered by I’M Manager before. If they were bypassing the I’M Manager protection for the past few months, I dint feel back about blocking them now.
So that was my morning. After a series of afternoon meetings, I found that I’d received the I’M Manager renewal license certificate in the mail. Unfortunately, Symantec has changed how you download license files and I haven’t figured out how to do that yet. I also notice that I the Serial Number gives me access to the 8.0.x version of the product rather than the newer 8.1. What’s the deal with that?
fixing title, doh!