ADM Update

I spoke with my Microsoft TAM today about how to add the additional registry tweaks found in the XP Security Guide into my Group Policy. I had expected to find *.adm files with the configurations.
The instructions in the XP Security Guide helped me import those settings into Security Templates and Security Configuration Editor, but I wasn’t able to import that new template into Group Policy. It turns out I made a rookie mistake. My domain controllers are Windows 2000. So when I created a new policy on the 2000 domain controller and tried to import an XP policy with these ‘extra’ settings it understandably choked on that. What I needed to do was use AD Users and Computers on my desktop, connect to the domain controller and create the new policy. By doing that the policy is upgraded to “XP” and I’m able to import the XP policies including the new extra registry tweaks I had added.
The XP Security Guide from Microsoft makes it really easy to add their security tweaks. But what if you had some others you wanted to add. Well first I would search carefully to see if what you want is already in group policy. No need to reinvent the wheel.
If you really do need to create your own registry settings, there is still the old school adm way, but you can now add the settings to your security template using instructions here.