Training Students to defend networks and computers

If you have access to ACM there is an article “Training students to administer and defend computer networks and systems” by Brett Tjaden and Brian Tjaden. It is about the 2005 version of the Secure Operations course I took last spring.
The point of the course is that most people managing systems are not prepared to defend networks and systems. In the course people have a server (windows or Linux) that they must defend 24/7 against the attacks of their classmates and the instructor. There are four stages to the course. Each stage involves planning, documentation and configuration. I “won” the 2006 version of this course by “owning” the most computers without being taken out myself.
I found this article on the bulletin board of Dr Tjaden’s office. I kind of wonder how Secure Operations 2007 will operate if the new class reads this article and has a huge leg up on how to attack.

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  1. Nice article. Well worth the $10 to download, especially if you are one of the “subjects”.
    Thanks for the info Roger.

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