Scansafe versus MessageLabs in the HTTP Security Arena has an article on the Scansafe v. MessageLabs lawsuit. The website requires free registration.
MessageLabs was under an agreement to rebrand Scansafe’s HTTP security as their own. After about a year of that, MessageLabs decided to take it in house, giving two months notice.
I’ve had great fun in my HTTP Security project as I’ve dealt with both vendors, and am fully aware of the back story. I would guess that the vast majority of MessageLabs customers have never heard of Scansafe.
Scansafe sued alleging the contract requires longer notice than a two month notice, and also that MessageLabs in creating their in house version is living off the ScanSafe good name.
I agree with the Judge in this case. Its kind of hard to be accused of misappropriating someone else’s goodwill when you are licensing their software to use under your own name. You are authorized to appropriate the goodness of their software as your own. The problem comes in when there is an implication that the new in house version called version 2.0. They say that implies its based on the original software.
So now MessageLabs is required to tell prospective customers that the Web Security is not based on Scansafe. Apparently they are free to then tell the users horror stories about Scansafe’s product and why MessageLabs had to bring it in house to do it right.