MT Changes

I played around with Movable Type and made some changes this weekend.
To conserve space on the right hand column, I converted the Monthly Archives links to a pulldown menu. I promptly re-used that saved space by adding a blog roll. A blog roll is merely a list of sites (in this case infosec and information technology) that I view regularly.
I added a back arrow on the calendar over on the right hand colum. It takes you to the Monthly archive page for the previous month. I am thinking of adding the calendar view to the Monthly archive page. That calendar slows down the site build, but I like that I can easily see my post frequencey. I shoot for 5 days a week posting. As you can see, I’m not keeping up.
I registered for Google Analysitics. That may give me a more accurate count of visitors. Currently, I’m a really high unique visitor count thanks to blog spammers. Unfortunately, this method will not count the RSS readers unless they click through to the site to read the article. Since I put the full article info in the RSS feed, most readers won’t do that.