Google Reader

Based on a Microsoft Monitor post, I decided to check out Google Reader. Its a web based RSS Reader. Its also quite forgettable. I did not realize that I had used it before, yet when I went there today, it had a big list of the feeds I read (but not the current list).
I’m open to switching RSS readers. I currently use SharpReader and it can use a ton of RAM. It would be nice to be able to follow my RSS feeds from any computer.
-The interface is kind of cluttered. It doesn’t have enough room to read the article on screens the size of my tabletpc.
-Worse yet, its slower than my Sharpreader.
-I dont see a way to import my OPML file.
-If there is a way to be notified of new posts, I haven’t found one. Perhaps the Google Talk client could notify me of new posts the way it notifies me of new emails.
I just dont see why the Microsoft Monitor writer falling all over himself to give Google credit for a great product.