Email Message Size Limit

We received a notice from our email provider that the new default maximum message size will be 50 MB. The previous default was no published limit.
That reminded me of the Paris Hilton divx file story, but I see I already blogged about that in 2004.
We’ve had various mail size limits through the years. In 2002, I found the firewall admin had used the SMTP secure server to set the maximum size to 16 Mb.
Although the mail provider is changing the default, we are still free to set our own limit (even a ridiculously high limit). So we’re taking a look at the email logs to see what has been sent lately. There is a report that a Lotus Notes administrator sent a 500 Mb file. Clearly a quota needs to be set to avoid denial of service attacks. However, we have a preference to keep the environment as open as possible. I’d suspect that a limit of 100 Mb will be set, maybe 50 Mb if I’m lucky.