Adobe Reader Updating

I got to thinking tonight about which desktop software we should be looking to update next. Adobe Reader seems to have a number of hits in my vulnerability scanner results, so I was thinking that might be a good option.
A quick inventory shows that we’ve got a full spectrum of Adobe Reader installed. I even found some version 3 installed. Now how does that happen?
First I checked out where I got some tips about install switches and disabling the Yahoo search bar. I was also reminded of the Tuner for Adobe.
Next, I went to Adobe and read their article on deploying Adobe Acrobat with SMS. I also watched a 50 minute session on using the Tuner to customize Adobe Reader and Acrobat Professional.
Lastly, I stopped by and did a search on the front page, and in the sms mailing list. I forgot to search the forum and the blogs there.
What I’ve found is that I should be able to remove Reader 6 automatically while installing 7.0.8 because it also uses the Windows Installer technology. However, for removing version 3-5, I’m on my own. Fortunately, I found some helpful command lines. I think I’ll create an SMS Installer package to remove the earler versions.
Some of my computers have Adobe Reader and Professional installed. That may make things interesting. I’m also concerned because we tend to move the Adobe Reader icon into its own folder. An upgrade will probably result in an empty folder with users wondering how to start adobe.
It looks like Adobe Professional 8 is out. I dont see a Adobe Reader 8 available yet, although I see one reference to a pre-release copy. Its an age old question. Should we spend time deploying 7.0.8 when 8 is around the corner. We really shouldn’t deploy 8 immediately when it is released, so maybe we do need to do 7.0.8 now.
So it looks like there is a lot of work to do. Hopefully, I’ll be able to make time for this.