A whole new kind of bluejack

Johnny Cache has uncovered flaws in bluetooth implementations from Toshiba. Brian Krebs reports in his SecurityFix blog.
Apparently its a Toshiba bluetooth driver that is also used by Dell.
In a refreshing change from how Apple responded to their wireless driver vulnerability,

A Dell spokesperson said SecureWorks shared an exploit with the company that worked against any of nine different Dell Latitude laptops, and that the company’s engineers were able to reproduce the reported problems in-house. Dell said it has shipped updates to fix the problem on Latitude Models D820, D620, D420, and D520. Other Latitude models also are vulnerable, including the D810, D610, D410, D510 and X1 versions, but the company doesn’t expect to ship updates for those models until Nov. 4.

I keep my bluetooth disabled, but I’ll be checking the Toshiba site soon to see if my M400 is vulnerable.