Yet Another Zero Day: Vulnerability in Vector Markup Language

Microsoft is reporting that there is a zero day in Vector Markup Language. This can be vulnerability can be exploited to install software (such as spyware) without your knowledge when your visit a website in IE or open an email in Outlook.
Currently there are some workarounds and Microsoft is planning on releasing a patch on patch Tuesday in October. By implementing the workarounds, websites that use Vector Markup Language will no longer work correctly. I have not seen any reports of just how bad that would be.
The mitigation options are deregister the VML DLL or change the ACL for that dll so the everyone group is denied access.
Jesper has an example of how to create a security template to deploy this file permission through group policy.
The problem with these methods is that you are making a security change that is really weird, and you dont know how it will effect the patching process when an official patch is released. With the WMF patch, the people who disabled this, needed to re-enable it in order to apply the patch IIRC. While that may be easy on an individual computer, is kind of worrisome for a enterprise.