Should antispyware detect cookies?

Suzi Turner asks, “should antispyware products detect cookies” in her latest blog entry at ZDNet.
Here is some test results from Ben Edelman on how various antispyware programs treat cookies.
I’m coming at this from the perspective of a corporate information security guy. Several years ago, I started an initiative to purchase enterprise ready antispyware. It was readily apparent that spyware was a problem. Users were installing unlicensed copies of software like adaware and spybot s&d. After reviewing the “free” license, it was apparent that the company could be liable to software piracy charges, particularly since the corporate helpdesk was often the party installing this software. We purchased Webroot Spysweeper Enterprise to resolve this issue.
When we rolled out Webroot, one of the common complaints I heard was that it wasn’t detecting as much. The “free” antispyware products were deleting all the cookies and including that in the detected spyware count. I find that disingenuous.
I debated turning on the cookie detection in Webroot, but it seemed like I was losing cookies that were remembering my login information on various sites. My Techtarget cookie was a regular target.
I continued the rollout without enabling cookie detection. There have been many versions of Webroot Spysweeper since then. I wonder if its time to take another look at detecting cookies.