Link to interview with ML exec Adrian Chamberlian

Here’s an Australian IT interview with Message Labs executive Adrian Chamberlian.
Sure its a bit of marketing material, but I find it interesting.

Imagine a world in which terrorists target government websites with millions of spam emails.
Or a world in which viruses take over your computer, turn it into a zombie, and use it to send out more spam.
It’s called reality, and it’s going to get worse.
The popularity of mobile phones means text spam will increase, mobile phone viruses will go from concept to reality, and voice spam — automated calls that bombard you day and night — will become common as marketers take advantage of cheap VoIP calls

They expect to see more companies turning to managed services such as what they provide. Actually that worries me a bit. If they are protecting too many desirable targets the bad guys might focus on them and how to penetrate the ML defenses.