Celebrate, XP Turns 5

Wow, that’s some hit piece that Rob Pegoraro writes in today’s Washington Post. To him the 5 year anniversary is not something to be celebrated. That really shouldn’t be a surprise. Newspaper tech writers always spend a disporportional amount of time advocating for Mac and Linux rather than writing about the software people actually use. He thinks because he hates Microsoft everyone else does to. Hey it worked with Haliburton. Just keep repeating “Microsoft sucks” enough times, and sooner or later the sheep will believe it.
Rob ends his article by crapping on Vista (“imagine the unknown bugs in vista”). Well, the fact is that since starting the new secure programming initiatives at Microsoft, the new products they’ve turned out have been rather good. Are there going to be problems? Sure anytime you do something new things dont always go as expected. Will people like Rob scream to high heaven when some backwards compatiability is gone and some insecurely written programs no longer work? You bet they will.
I bet the first days of Vista wont look like this.

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