Bluecoat Testing

On Friday, I ran into an issue with my Bluecoat evaluation. Bluecoat is an HTTP security and caching company.
One of our developers couldn’t connect into a Webex session with an external company. So my time, the developers time and the external companies support time was wasted. I would have solved the problem quickly, but I thought I had used WebEx through Bluecoat successfully. I found if I disabled antivirus scanning going to the WebEx website that I was able to connect to webex meetings.
It seems to me that if Bluecoat as widely used as they claim, this would be a well known problem. Its not listed in their KB, and my pre-sales support guy only came back with what I said to him, “if I disable antivirus it works.” Shouldn’t they provide a list of known issues so I can preconfigure my proxy appropriately and not have to stumble into these problems? Better yet, find out why the problem occurs so I dont have to bypass AV when going to


  1. Roger,
    You are correct, sometimes Blue Coat are a little lacking in their knowledge base articles. AV scanning will break large/infinite data streams (used by webex and many other things) and streaming video/audio. I found some CPL on the Bluecoat website to bypass scanning of video/audio streams and I modified it to suit the large enterprise I support.

  2. wow 2006, that is an old post.
    yeah, I did get some good stuff in their to prevent scanning things that don’t end, like streaming media. Also not scanning huge files.

  3. Roger,
    Is the problem of Webex is resolved as we are now facing the same problem and we can’t stop Webex scanning. We have SG9000 device with Current SGOS version is Proxy Edition.
    Hope u will help.

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