Australian Army prepares for Suicide Hacker Attacks

This is a real article in ZDNet Australia. The Australian Army expects suicide hacker attacks.
Now, I’m just rolling on the floor laughing as I read this article. To me, the key part of a suicide attack is when the attacker kills himself as part of the attack. To Colonel Paul Straughair, a suicide attack would be someone willing to go to prison for 30 years for their cause.
Its a slippery slop when you take real warfare terms and apply them to computers. The label cyberterrorism has been applied to the garden variety Internet worm. As Rob Rosenberger has pointed out, there is no where to go when the next event is worse. Are you going to call a major event cyber-genocide? For years people like Richard Clark has predicted a “digital Pearl Harbor”. To me these labels are irresponsible. Comparisons with genocide or Pearl Harbor are inappropriate until thousands of people are killed in a hack attack.
A suicide hack attack would include the death of the attacker, not their loss of freedom, not the deletion of their user account.