Third Party Device Drivers?

Should Microsoft Update Patch Third Party Device Drivers? Alan Paller says yes.
Would the patches be deployable through SMS SUS Security Updates or ITMU? I’m not sure they could do that before the next SMS update. If its only available through Microsoft Update, that doesn’t do me a lot of good.
I’m not sure why Alan thinks that Microsoft should patch everything on the system. Perhaps they should update drivers that came on their own Windows distribution CD, but in most cases the drivers are installed by the OEM not Microsoft. Its like asking Microsoft to provide patches for Winamp.
Its already incredibly difficult for them to fully q/a their own patches. Imagine trying to q/a third party device drivers. I think the emphasis should be on using SMS to make it easier to deploy these third party apps. The SMS 2003 R2 CAB system that Flash 9 is taking advantage of is probably the right direction.