Phishing from Free Sites

F-Secure on their blog today asks, should free webhosts such as Geocities, Tripod etc proactively monitor for abuse such as phishing websites hosted on their servers.
Its an interesting question. I’m not a lawyer or a privacy rights person. Currently providers are not expected to monitor content. They are expected to take action when notified. I’m pretty sure that performing some review, such as having moderators on a bulletin board, does not open a provider to the expectation of removing all bad content proactively.
If I were doing it, I’d contract with a filtering firm like Websense Bluecoat or MessageLabs to notify me when a URL from my domain shows up on one of those block lists. Preventing certain hostnames from being used like seems like a good step. I’d be surprised if the vendors aren’t doing this already. I suspect the examples found in their post are just examples of names that slipped through the ban list.