On Net Neutrality

The folks over at Movable Type are very proud they they are the technology behind a new website called Its Our Net, sponsored by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Haliburton and Enron.
It seems to me that these huge companies want to provide big bandwidth items. They dont want the ISPs to stand in the way of these big companies getting eyes on the content.
They say they dont want a tiered Internet. There is already a tiered system between dialup and broadband. Even in broadband, I can pay more and get a faster connection. They don’t want quality of service. Quality of service is important in keeping my neighbors bittorrent downloads from affecting my ability to surf the web.
I checked out their site, and it looks like scare tactics. Imagine a world where you can’t successfully research health issues online! I dont see that happening today. What I see is the opposite. Big company ESPN is making ISPs pay so their subscribers can access premium content. They imply that any ISP not paying is providing degraded service. Why don’t they just go the subscription route like every other premium service? They are just following their lessons learned from the cable world. Its easer to force a cable company to make all their customers pay, than it is to get them to sign up individually.
I wonder if so-called net neutrality would allow ISPs to block malicious traffic or undesirable traffic? Would porn filtering family friendly ISPs be allowed to exist anymore? I kind of wonder? They aren’t exactly “net neutral” if they are blocking.
Hands off The Internet has much better arguments in my opinion.