mso.dll, ms06-038 and Visual Studio

Our vulnerability scanner is reporting some servers as vulnerable to MS06-038, which is a vulnerability in Powerpoint. It is detecting this because C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE*\MSO.DLL is the wrong version. These systems for the most part don’t have office on them. MSO.dll also gets installed as a component of Visual Studio.
When you look at the list of effected components for MS06-038 here, it lists Visual Studio. But then in the security bulletin itself, there is no mention of it.
It is my understanding that the vulnerability is in mso.dll so the system could still be vulnerable. The question is how to fix it?


  1. I know this is a really old post, but did anyone ever figure out how to fix this?? There have been several patches that supercede MS06-038 and I can’t get any of them to install on systems with just Visual Studio.

    • It looked like remnant garbage. One of the admins got the current version of mso.dll/mso9.dll, renamed the existing file and copied this into place. Never had any compliants.

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