MS06-042 Issue on Windows 2000

I first saw this over at myitforum and verified it in my own testing. After applying MS06-042 to a Windows 2000 sp4 computer, I am unable to go to using IE6sp1. IE crashes and offers to send a report to Microsoft.
I’ve checked over the known issues and caveats, and I dont see the problem listed clearly there. It could be that TheReg needs to clean up their code a bit. I also called my TAM who hasn’t heard of that being a known issue (other than the caveats regarding activex and java). The Register is a major tech news site, so I’m expecting to hear more about this.
This could be interesting because 35-40% of my enterprise has Windows 2000. How many sites could potentially have similar problems. What’s odd is that the front page of doesn’t have this issue, its only when I click on links which then call the mothersite that a problem occurs. I think its something in their advertising.
UPDATE – My TAM has recommended disabling HTTP 1.1 as a workaround. I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem today, so I didn’t try that. I have heard that the problem is with sites using compression and that an update will be out this week.

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    SANS mentions the MS06-042 problem that I spoke of here. They are reporting that Internet Explorer crashes when accessing some websites while using WINXPSP1 or Windows 2000. They mention Peoplesoft web applications in particular. A hotfix is now availa…

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