Full Disclosure of Symantec Product Updates?

It seems like someone decided that Symantec is no longer a favored company. I think it started last year when support hold times were up over an hour. Whatever the cause, SAV admins are looking for any opportunity to complain. SAV updates the product, complain. SAV doesn’t update the product, complain. SAV doesn’t provide updates in the method you’d like, complain.
Which leads us into today’s item. An admin from the University of Richmond would like the ability to push out SAV updates via the Symantec System Center. Does he enter a feature request? No! He posts to the Full Disclosure mailing list as if this were some sort of discovered exploit.
Symantec does need to take a look at distribution systems such as those used by McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator or Webroot SpySweeper Enterprise. But ultimately, this is an enterprise product, and enterprises invest in products such as SMS to perform software rollouts.