Upgrading Symantec IM Manager

I spent most of my Saturday upgrading Symantec (IMLogic) IMManager. We have two servers running that, one acts as a proxy for public IM traffic and the other looks at LCS traffic. Prior to implementing IMManager we had a track record that once a month a user would get their computer infected through IM and then spread it to their contacts inside and outside the company.
The upgrade process wasn’t the smoothest thing I’ve experienced. I didn’t follow their advice to try it in a lab environment first. I felt like it would take me more time to set up the lab environment and even then it wouldn’t prove that I could upgrade production successfully, only that I I could upgrade the lab successfully. I decided it would take about the same amount of time to fix whatever problem occurred on the production machine
I backed up the database to allow for a fall back position, I reviewed the release notes and all available documentation and jumped in. Symantec provides a lot of information in the documentation, the release notes, and in knowledge base articles, so I was able to create a decent upgrade plan.
I received an error on my update indicating “an error has occurred in the installation of the IM Manager. Description: Failed to install the IM protocols engine. Would you like IM Manager setup to continue.” There was a support article with a few things to try. (missing dll, Windows Installer not started, and you’re just screwed). None of those suggestions were relevent. I’m wondering now if I the problem was a failure to stop the upgrade service as they recommended.
To resolve the problem, I had to uninstall by hand. There is a knowledge base article for this, but its pretty obvious what to do. Delete the install directory. In the registry, remove the uninstall key and the service keys. I then installed 9 from scratch. Since I had a SQL database on another server, the configuration was preserved.
I am still missing support for Yahoo Messenger 8 (they are working on that for a future release), and I had had a weird problem where I had to reboot to get the server to listen for AIM traffic, but other than that I’m pretty happy. Hopefully it will continue to work on Monday when the users come back.
IMManager is integrated with Microsoft (Sybari) Antigen for IM to provide antivirus scanning. I upgraded that a minor build number as well. The only new development there is to allow encrypted LCS traffic and also support LCS 2005 sp1.