Since a server migration, I’ve had nothing but trouble with trackbacks. The webhost support team resolved a problem with the cgi. But now, I seem to get so many spam trackbacks that Movable Type is throttling further trackbacks when it reaches a certain number per hour or per day.
All of the junk tracks are correctly tagged by the spam filter, but they still count against the throttle quota. The spammers are wasting their time since in addition to an effective spam filter, I am also moderating.
Its not as if people are beating down the door to send me a trackback ping, but I’d kind of like to actually receive it instead of having legitimate pings (including my own pings to older articles) throttled. Movable Type currently assigns a numeric trackback address to each post. This allows a spammer to send me a ping, without previously visiting the site. I hope this has been resolved in the new version of the software. I’m thinking about implementing a plugin which will rename the trackback links, and put the spammers in a tar pit, but I”m worried about the consequence.