Scan Safe suing Message Labs

Looks like Message Labs has gotten themselves into a legal entanglement with web scanning provider ScanSafe.
As I’ve posted earlier, Message Labs was reselling Scan Safe’s web security product. This spring I received a notice that Message Lab’s web security version 2.0 was available and it was now integrating Message Labs proprietary Skeptic antivirus software. In my opinion Skeptic is the most successful antivirus heuristic available and I wanted to see how that did with web scanning. Scansafe has their own unnamed zero-day antivirus protection (I always kind of thought they had licensed skeptic but who knows).
A Judge has ruled that Message Labs calling their service “2.0” would cause customers to think they were still reselling Scansafe. ML will be required to disclose this change to all current and future web protection customers.
I had suspected Message Labs may have dropped Scan Safe and brought everything in house, but I wasn’t sure. In the defense of Message Labs only people like myself who read press releases ever knew about the name Scan Safe. No one at Message Labs used that company name with me until I brought it up.