Oleg Gudilin: Proactive Protection: a Panacea for Viruses?

Its become obvious to most that reactive signature based antivirus products are not sufficient to protect computer systems. In Kaspersky’s viruslist.com Oleg Gudilin looks at whether proactive protections will be a cureall for viruses.
The article has a lot of interesting graphs from AV-comparatives.org and av-test.org.
I agree with him that vendors are using terms like proactive and zero day incorrectly. Some vendors have implied to me that no update is necessary, but when pressed on how they provided protection against a specific new threat, the first thing they said was an update was deployed.
Where the article falls short for me is that it only includes proactive measures that have been added into antivirus products in recent years. It would be interesting to see how full blown HIPS products shape up.
On the whole, I agree with the author that proactive measures are necessary but that these will not replace signature based detections.