Cisco 871 router

I’ve been considering purchasing a Cisco 871 router for a while. It looks like it has the ability to do inbound VPNs and also IDS. Cost has been the main thing holding me back. The second consideration is that I have a wireless mesh implemented using Linksys and third party firmware. I’m not sure how this router would fit in. Recently, I’ve been thinking about setting up a system to run SNORT and placing it on a hub between the cable modem and my router. By doing that I gain the IDS fun that I want, and dont have to worry about screwing up my existing router implementation.
George Ou blogged about the 871 today. I didn’t see too much of interest in what he wrote today, but I’d like to see his future articles as he writes more about its general use and less about its feature list.
I think the 871 is a good SOHO device for when a “hacked” Linksys would not be acceptable.