Why dont they just post my passwords online and be done with it.

POWWEB, the hosting company I use, was purchased and we migrated over to a new platform this week.
On of the things about the new company is they want your password when you contact support. Perhaps I”m kind of naive, but I expect when I provide a company a password that it is stored as a hash and the support drones are far from it. A system administrator could get it, but not a support drone. Either my webhost is storing the passwords in clear text or its encrypted but accessible by support, or they create a hash from the password I give them and compare it to the stored hash. Either way the potential for harm here is great.
Most people at best have 2 levels of passwords. One for the bank and another for all the throwaway accounts, mailing lists, etc. So what happens now, a support drone at my webhost is able to go to amazon, fidelity, bank of america and check if I used the same username/password there? Have these people not heard of insider attacks? Do they not read the news and see the AOL employee who sold the account roster to spammers? Do they not know of the Indian call center employees who are transferring money from customer accounts?
So what am I supposed to do, have a different password for every account that’s out there? That will be really convenient.