Webroot Spysweeper Enterprise 3.0 Released

The server update contains the following changes:

  • Improved navigation tree structure and UI
  • Additional controls for new client functionality (see client changes below)
  • Support for Informational definitions
  • Support for Incremental definitions
  • Numerous stability enhancements
  • SQL Server 2005 Express Database Support

The client update contains the following changes:

  • Completely new Kernel level driver engine
  • Rootkit detection and removal capabilities
  • 4 New Smart Shields
    – ActiveX Shield
    – Browser Helper Object Shield
    – Spy Communication Shield
    – IE Trusted Sites Shield

  • New Client Homepage
  • Command-line access to client
  • Support for Incremental Definitions
  • Support for Informational Definitions

It now operates in a Kernel mode to offer protection much earlier in the boot process.
I think I’m kind of excited that development continues one what has always been a highly rated product. The activeX shield sounds like it will be a replacement for Spywareblaster. So that is less work for me monthly.