Qualys Quality – or lack there of

It seems like since Gerhard Eschelbeck left Qualys I’m spending more time correcting poor Qualys detections than fixing the problems on the servers. If the scan results are not reliable, I am forced to investigate each detection before taking action.
At any given moment it seems like I’ve got three cases opened asking them for a clarification of scan results. Here are a few examples:
– They are falsely detecting some computers as 64 bit because Emmulex creates a registry key Qualys thinks should only exist on a 64 bit computer.
– Flash falsely reported as vulnerable. It said I needed to be running 8a, but I was already running newer version 8b.
– Not reporting systems vulnerable to the latest Symantec Antivirus vulnerability
So tonight, I scan my servers after they were patched last night. On one computer it says the latest IE patch is not installed because HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Internet Explorer 5.01\SP4\KB916281-IE501SP4-20060519.173353 ismissing. That’s nice and all, but that computer is running IE6 so there will be no Internet Explorer 5.01 registry key!
Then it says I’m ms06-024 vulnerable, a Windows Media Player png vulnerability because HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Windows Media Player 7.1\SP0KB917734_WMP7 is missing.
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Windows Media Player 9\SP0\KB917734_WMP8 is missing.
Well, which is it? I cant be running both Windows Media Player 7 and 8. It so happens I’m running Windows Media Player 9 so wrong on both counts.
If I’ve learned anything from my support tickets is that the “reason” field that appears to indicate the reason for detection, doesn’t always give the reason for detection. So who knows if this is really the reason for these false positives. All I know is I’m sick of it. I’ve been a huge Qualys supporter for years, but the past 8 months are really making me wonder what the other options are.