ISA 2004 Migration.

Saturday night, I swapped an ISA 2000 server with a ISA 2004 server running Windows 2003 SP1. Since I had new hardware I was able to set it up before hand and cut over without too much trouble. The main problem I had was on my test computer I had TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0 enabled so I didn’t notice that SSL 3.0 was not enabled on the server. ON IE6 TLS 1.0 is not enabled by default. (pretty stupid in my opinion). So I had to go into the security policy and disable the requirement for FIPS encryption.

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  1. The dreaded FIPS complaint setting

    (Ok, a typo in the subject, but it was funny so left it in) The Technet blogs require registration to comment, and don’t allow me to use my Microsoft Live account to log in, much less openID. I didn’t feel…

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