Symantec’s IMLogic Acquisition 5 months later

Its 5 months since Symantec bought IMLogic. When it first occurred I wrote an anguished cry predicting woe. Lets take inventory and see what has happened.
IMlogic IMmanager 8 was released the last few days of April. Not bad for having originally been on the books for January before the Symantec purchase. Of course I dont know for sure that the delays were caused by the Symantec purchase. But I have my suspicions. The good news is the release still has the support for Google Talk and AIMs rendezvous file sharing server.
The shoe dropped the other day regarding changes to support. Actually its not quite clear from the letter I received. As I figured they are transferring support into their “gold” support at the end of your current contract. The thing is my gold antivirus support does not have a way to create tickets online, I cannot email support, and the knowledge base is kind of annoying. So although the letter says I wont lose anything, it sounds like I will lose features if they make it like antivirus support. I also wonder if there will be a separate IMlogic support group as there is now, or if this skill set will be merged in with the antivirus support people. There are still a lot of questions and I don’t know who to ask. The letter from Symantec merely talked about how great things would be but did not offer a way to ask questions. Is support equipped for questions like this? Do I have an account rep? Who knows.
I was also rather worried about integration with Sybari (Microsoft) Antigen. I emailed Sybari today to ask them if they were supporting Microsoft Antigen for IM version 8 integrated with the new IMManager version 8 that came out two weeks ago. Support did not know! They actually emailed me back that they would download IMManager 8 and try it out. This does not bode well.


  1. As far as I know the anti-virus plug-in element of IM Manager has not changed in the move to version 8. You’re better off emailing the IM Manager support guys at Symantec as their still pretty responsive. I logged 3 tickets today with them on issues and got responses in under 30 mins every time.
    I’m still trying to get clear from them what the changes to support are going to be going forward for our customers (we’re a long term partner not an end customer) and I’ll try and post a comment if I get it in the next few days. My contacts at IMlogic are still working on how they fit in the big old SYMC world… I don’t think they’re being evasive… more they don’t know!

  2. Good call on asking imlogic instead. I created a ticket online at the website, and support had an answer for me in no time.
    I got a call back from Sybari today. That support guy still couldn’t tell me if they integrate with IMmanager 8.

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