Symantec patches remote exploit in SAV part2

Here’s the breakdown for those like me who know version numbers better than this mr mp pp versioning system.
For SAV Corporate Edition the following versions have patches available.
Unpatched-> patched>>>>
Surprisingly Symantec has not patched the initial release of SAV I dont know if a patch is coming for them or not. Apparently users need to upgrade to or Basically its applying one mst file for the initial update and then another mst file for the point patch. (can be combined in one command such as msiexec /p “patch1;patch2”) I guess that is easier than doing a full upgrade to 10.1 although that would at least get some new features.
Additional patches for localization and platform specific (does that mean 64 bit?) has an ETA of Tuesday. I find that approach interesting because Microsoft chooses not to favor its English speaking customers, prefering to patch systems at the same time.