Graduating Saturday

I’m receiving a Master of Science in Computer Science concentrating in Information Security from James Madison University. Its been a long road, and I can hardly believe I’m at the end of it. So I’ll be down in Harrisonburg on Saturday at graduation. George Allen is speaking. Weather looks to be 68 and mostly cloudy with a chance of showers.


  1. hi roger,
    Congrats on the accomplishment! I’m also considering pursuing a ms in infosec. Do you think it’s worth it since you have completed it now? What other schools did you consider? Do you need good GRE score to get in? Also how hard is the program? I’m a couple of years out of school and majored in econ. I am currently working the help desk at an internet company. Thanks for your advice!

  2. Its very hard. Particularly for someone without a CS background. My undergrad is in Music, so I can speak to how difficult it is. Information Security covers a lot of ground.
    This program will challenge you and prepare you. If you can cut it, you’ll know a lot and have a degree that is respected in many circles.

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