My Toshiba M400 has arrived

My Toshiba M400 has arrived. Its a convertible tabletpc. Whoo hooo! Or should I say, work’s M400 has arrived? Nah, its one of my work provided computers for the next two years. Can you believe they went along with this?
I only had a few hours with it on Friday. I think it will take a couple weeks for me to have a strong opinion on it.
The only things I see right now are 1) The screen is highly reflective which is rather annoying. 2) Not sure I like the screen resolution. Seems a little mickey mouse in its pastels. I’ll have to play with it. Perhaps cleartype is on by default. I couldn’t get the higher resolution model due to some supplier inventory issues. I hear that is now available for order if you want better resolution. 3) I didn’t think to order a second power supply so I’ll be hauling the one power supply from work to home and back. That sucks. I’ll probably go buy one on my own dime.
Anyway, much thanks to Rod Trent over at for putting me on the road to a Tablet with his posts about his gateway tablet.
I’m suspect once I spend some time with it, I’ll have more comments.