It takes too long to patch

In a recent email from Kaspersky, the newsletter writer said, it takes too long to patch.

The study shows that 19% of companies take more than a week to patch vulnerabilities, while 27% take at least two days. Overall, nearly half of those questioned claimed their computer systems were never completely protected. Interestingly, there were considerable variation in response speed between countries. France was the slowest with 66% taking at least two days to patch, while only 22% percent took that long in Spain.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’d throw a freakin party if I got my company patched in two days. Try two months. Even then we’re talking about Microsoft Operating System only. Not the frequent patches for both supported and unsupported applications; Winamp, Flash, Firefox, JAVA, Real Player, Adobe, Winzip and Office.
Upset about not getting patched routinely within two days of the patch being released? I cant even imagine.