Infoexpress Cyberarmor woes

We’ve been having some trouble with Infoexpress Cyberarmor. It started last December when against my better judgment, I deployed a “fix” for Cyberarmor that was supposed to resolve a bad interaction with PGP on Windows XP that would cause every application to crash.
For a while all seemed fine. But slowly I began to receive reports of systems without the PGP fix having application errors. Soon, I experienced the problem on my own computer, a dual core Dell GX620 tower. I’ve had this sort of experience before where the problem can be traced to a conflicting application. So working with support, I spent three solid days uninstalling application after application. The problem continued to occur. Every single application crashed. I tried disabling Windows Data Execution Prevention. Nothing worked.
I took the same computer and loaded our leasing companies ghost image (we dont normally use this). It had no problems. I followed our ghost load creation checklist and installed everything (including drivers) that would normally go on a computer. It didn’t have a problem. Next I restored our original ghost image that does have the problem and used msconfig to prevent everything from loading. It still had the problem. I was at the end of my rope. I found that if I went into pcarm.ini and disabled the PGP fix that everything worked fine.
I would really like to find out specifically what application is conflicting, but I’ve ready spent a lot of time on this. I think I’m going to disable the PGP fix since only 5 users actually have PGP installed.