I just cant escape Redmond Mag

I’ve commented before that I think Redmond Magazine is too anti-Microsoft for my tastes. Perhaps I’m just bitter over the demise of MCP Magazine. Or perhaps I drink the Microsoft koolaide daily. So I’ve ignored the renewal notices from Redmond Mag. When they have called me at the office to do the renewal over the phone, I’ve declined and said “please let my subscription expire.”
These people don’t get the message.
They called for the third time today. I decided that perhaps its would be easier to verify my info and continue to receive the magazine. The young woman sounded like she spoke english as a U.S. citizen would, but she didn’t know what “VA” meant as a state abbreviation. She could not pronounce “Orchard” which is all too common. She asked me what day I was born and then offered 1-30 as possible examples. It was a serious butchering of my name and all of my contact information. What was really odd was asking me to spell things that had to have been on the sheet in front of her.
It was very odd. I just cant’ escape Redmond Magazine.