Webroot Trumpets Spyware Bakeoff Results

Webroot has sent out a press release annoucing the results of a four month VeriTest bakeoff between Webroot Spysweeper Enterprise 2.5.1, McAfee Antivirus Enterprise with AntiSpyware Module 8.0 and Sunbelt Counterspy Enterprise version 1.5.268. Webroot was more than three times as effective as Sunbelt and nearly twice as effective as McAfee at cleaning all types of spyware.

The rigorous testing methodology included a test bed of two hundred randomly selected spies, divided into the following categories: adware, system monitor, and Trojans. Each product was judged on its ability to “fully clean” each piece of spyware — a comprehensive term for detecting and removing — from multiple machines. The results of a product’s effectiveness against each of the 200 spies was measured against an extremely sophisticated set of criteria that required each to be met in order to gain a “clean” rating.