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I’ve had several entries in the past where I’ve commented about the University of Fairfax

Their website says they are certified by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia to operate in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I’ve stated that the problem with that statement is that accreditation is what separates diploma mills from Universities. It’s the only way an employer really knows if the degree is legitimate. I found that the State Council of Higher Education site is updated and it still lists no accreditation for University of Fairfax.

How long does it take a new institution to get accredited?

I’ve sent Eric Cole who is on their faculty list an email to see if he really teaches there. He hasn’t yet responded.
I’m thinking of sending the school an email and asking about this. is much more upfront. I’ve blogged about their Masters degree program as well. They report that it is not possible to seek accreditation until the first class has graduated.

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  1. Accreditation from a US Dept of Education recognized body takes about 10 years. It takes about 4 years to be a candidate, 2 years to be recommended (a make or break step), then 4-6 years of observation of the current class, then another 2 years for final recommendation.
    Good luck UoF.

  2. I don’t know anything about U of F, but I caught the comment on We have now graduated our first student ( five graduation ceremonies actually) and we are working towards accreditation with Middle States. Guess we might shave a few milliseconds off the ten years Noone mentioned, but a long time by any stretch. However, we have passed a milestone and are now a Candidate and a few companies have approved us for tuition reimbursement, so maybe someday!

    • Thanks for stopping by Stephen. Where I work pays a lot of attention to benefits provided by other contractors in the DC area. If I pursue this, finding out which contractors are doing this could help my cause. I’m not sure I need another Masters at this point, but my officemate is interested if the company will do tuition reimbursement.

      I’ve been focusing on the GSE. One cert left and I’ll be taking the written.

  3. University of Fairfax is a fully accredited institution and was recently purchased by National College (AKA American National University) with home offices in Salem, VA as well as Roanoke, VA. This college also have more than 30 campuses in five different states.

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