Yet another reason today was a good day. I got my promotion. To be honest, I felt I deserved this a year ago. But its hey its more money and a better title. When I consider what I started at and what I make now, it pretty incredible. But sometimes I think about what I’d get if I was willing to risk finding a new job…
My manager came by my office with the Employee Action Notice. She remembered that I have a query in Sharepoint to look for changes to the entry on the phone book amongst people in my department with a certain job title. Occasionally I get an alert about a new fax number, but generally any alert is about promotions. Last round of promotions, I was notified before the people receiving the promotion. So she came by before it got in the system.


  1. Congrats Roger! I share similar interest as you. Can you please tell how you started off and what is your title today? My background education is in economics and I have been working help desk tech support for 2 yrs. Any advice for me? Please feel free to email me. Thanks

  2. I’ve been thinking of putting up an about me page. I have a Bachelor in Music and a Masters in Theology. I got started in this doing dialup tech support at RCN / Erols / Starpower and whoever else we bought. I escaped that after 6 months and got a job at the helpdesk where I work now.
    I worked the helpdesk for about 18 months before I transitioned into a junior SysAdmin role. That became a full sysadmin position.
    Over the past 5 years I’ve been a Windows Admin and the security guy within the corporate I.T. department. I’ve been doing less and less windows stuff and soon I’ll be transitioning to straight information security.
    Along the way, I’ve learned through self study (and got a MCSE in NT then later 2000). I’ve also gotten work to pay for training and conferences (getting a GIAC certification in Securing Windows, and getting a CISSP). Currently I’m in the last semester of a Masters in Computer Science in Information Security. Work is paying for most of that too.
    My advice would be if you dont love it and if you’re just in it for the money, go do something else. If you aren’t a problem solver, get out. Personally, I think you learn about all you can at the helpdesk in a couple years. Staying there much longer may effect how you view people.
    Being a security guy is a lot more than reading a bunch of security websites and following the latest knews. You need to be a domain expert in something. Perhaps a lot of things.
    The bottom line is that you need to do a lot of study on your own time and also make the most of your oppertunities at work. If work shares the same vision for you, they’ll help you and mentor you. If they dont, you might be better off looking for a more entry level infosec job where you can build some experience.
    Well, I’m rambling on. I dont want to engage in the certs versus degrees versus experience debate. Its so chicken and egg. Hopefully that was somewhat helpful.

  3. Hi Roger,
    Just two questions. What is the institution where you are getting your Master’s in InfoSec? And, is it an NSA Center of Excellence? I have a DoD clearance, and any gov’t jobs prefer InfoSec Degrees from an NSA Center of Excellence.
    Sene me an email if you’d like

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