Pen Test Challenge

Part 3 of our Secure Operations project started today. And dont tell anyone but we’re hacking. Yes, that’s right. The thing that people get all upset about when they hear that Universities are teaching. Here’s the thing, we’re a group of Information Security professionals working on our Masters. We’re doing this all on a private network that we have to vpn to get to. I dont think we slogged through Z, Formal Methods, C++ and the Foundations of Computer Science just to go wild. This is minor league stuff compared to the hacking skills taught for a lot less money at Blackhat. Having some skills is the difference between being a complete security poser and someone who has their stuff together.
So I’ve been pretty happy. I dont know how many “kills” other people have. But AFAIK my server hasn’t been hit, and I’ve taken out some people I didn’t expect to get.