F-Secure Sanctimony

F-Secure blog writer Sean gives it to Microsoft with both barrels for daring to do research on rootkits.
First he blasts them for doing research into how an attacker might build a better rootkit.
Next he blasts them because in 1993 someone did that with a floppy.
I cant believe that someone at an antivirus company is blasting someone else for doing research into the dark arts. If my antivirus company failed to do research in to the dark arts, they would be in constant reaction mode. I’d prefer that they my AV company think of ways to 0wn my computer and then protect me from it. Otherwise, they are just taking my money and sitting on their thumb waiting for an attack. The attack of course would allow them to sell more product.
F-Secure is a cutting edge AV company. I dont think they sit around waiting for the bad guys to innovate first. So I dont know why Sean at F-Secure would blast Microsoft for doing this research. He compares it to research into Nuclear Fission.