Check those switches

Yesterday, I looked into why some patches hadn’t been installed on a system. Using SMS web reports, I could see that the system had a inventory that day. This indicated that the client was reporting in correctly and that my report that it was missing patches was correct. Next, web reports indicated to me that each advertisement to that system was waiting except one that was running. I checked with the head sms guy here, and found that if that one advertisement is running it will prevent the other items from running.
What I found was the Cisco VMO Client package was set with a command line [..]\viewmail.msi /quiet /norestart. The client in question was running Windows Installer 2.0 which I believe doesn’t know about those switches. I asked the guy responsible for that package to changed it to /qn reboot=reallysurpress which should work on both windows installer 2 and 3.
You’d expect bad switches to cause the advertisement to exit rather than to continue to run. Hopefully this will cause it to run to completion.