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Are we back live? A few days ago, I could no longer log into my blog. Database corruption is the Achilles heel of Movable Type. When I started using MT they only worked with a native Berkley Database. In later versions, support for mysql was added but I didn’t realize the importance of migrating. The Berkley database is apparently known for corruption and problems caused by the ISP performing upgrades (or downgrades) of some needed libraries. I tried to migrate to mysql to save the blog, but I got the same errors. I’ve not restored a backup that is a week old. I like the new MT look. I need to run out the door, but I’ll be double checking things and making sure the templates stiill look good.
Odd that atom is the default rss feed. Is that better than rss 2.0? I’ll have to put that on the list of things to address.

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