Symantec Antivirus and 64 bit

I just got off the phone with Symantec regarding their 64 bit Symantec Antivirus client.
The Symantec knowledge base article on the subject says that it cannot BE a parent server and as a client it cannot do VDTM. Silly me, that made me think that the 64 bit client could be managed. Support tells me they are still working on that and claimed that it would be like a SAV 9 server trying to manage a SAV 10 client. This is very aggravating as we’ve been waiting for a SAV 10 server to be in production in order to deploy the x64 antivirus.
The other news from that call is that no patches are available for x64. I could not get them to commit to whether that software was vulnerable to the RAR vulnerability in 10.0.2 x86 architecture or not.
[update]: They just sent me a document on how to configure the SSC to managed x64 bit computers. Its just like I remembered. Disable vdtm. Schedule liveupdates direct to symantec.