I thought I just got unsubscribed from NTBugTraq for using the Out of Office Assistant in Outlook. Instead it looks like they haven’t sent anything out since September. I just got an email from NTBugtraq using listserv’s list renewal feature probing if I wish to remain subscribed. Not sure if I really care to continue the subscription. It was once at the forefront of NT security. But now, with Microsoft announcing their own patches in a timely manner, and with things like SANS, Secunia and FSIRT it just doesn’t seem needed. Besides, with the blog echo chamber, I’m sure if its important someone will copy and paste it into their own blog and I’ll see it there.
Now if NTBugtraq had an RSS feed I might consider subscribing to that.


  1. I have been searching for any sign that NTBugTraq still is functioning. I too just received the Renewal request. But for months I have searched the web for an explanation of what happened to NTBugTraq. No new updates since Sept 2005. I have even emailed the address for Russ Cooper on the site. No response. Anyone know what happened here?
    Thanks for your time.

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