Google Desktop Search

Sparked by EFFs latest fear-mongering, many people want to know how to disable Google Desktop’s ability to search across multiple computers. The articles I’ve read say this is off by default, but I dont use the Google Desktop, so I cant say for myself.
The following is from the Google Desktop Google Group:

If you’re using Google Desktop for Enterprise, please note that the
Search Across Computers feature is not available for Google Desktop for
Enterprise, so there is no need to configure the Enterprise version of
Google Desktop at this time. Once this feature is made available for
Enterprise, it will also be configurable via the Google Desktop
Enterprise administrative template.
If you’re a system administrator using the consumer version of Google
Desktop, you can disable the Search Across Computers feature by
creating a DWORD value of disallow_ssd_service = 1 in the following
registry key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Google\Google Desktop\Enterprise\
Please note that you will need to create this key.
You may need to restart Google Desktop to apply the change. To verify
that the change has taken place, restart Google Desktop and visit your
Google Desktop Preferences page. In the “Gmail and Search Across
Computers” tab, the ability to place a check in the “Search Across
Computers” check box should now be disabled.