Gmail a replacement for exchange? I think not

A blog called Googling Google over at ZDnet writes about a possible new Gmail feature where you could point your domain to Google and use them as your mail server. He goes on to say

Companies can use it as a replacement to Microsoft Exchange as it has the potential to have shared contact lists, shared calendars, instant communication (the new talk feature), etc. Imagine also the possibility of Google allowing companies to skin their own GMail service — colors, layout, and even the logo could be customizable. Of course, even if Google allow this, ads will likely be delivered regardless.

Lets not get carried away! Companies aren’t really going to be doing away with Exchange and migrating to Google Mail. This is not the Exchange Killer the anti-Microsoft forces have sought. This might be a fit for very small companies who currently use the mail services provided by their ISP or webhost. Even then, you’d have to wonder about the wisdom of using a BETA service as your corporate email solution. I would also worry about Google’s propensity for serving ads based on the text in the message.