Shameless self-promotion really irks me. For months now Duncan McAlynn has been getting the tech press to promote his forum at This trend continues in the Feb 2006 Information Security Magazine. Symantec pulled the plug on their bulletin board in December, and Boardfish apparently put out press releases about how it was the community replacement for Symantec’s board. The two boards have something in common. No useful content. Symantec’s board was an ok resource for people without support. It was an exercise in waiting weeks hoping the single Symantec employee on the board will respond. Rarely would anyone else both to help out. Boardfish on the other hand, people are more likely to be willing to help, but there just isn’t that much traffic.
Boardfish promoted itself as the place for online Symantec antivirus discussion when it had only created a symantec forum moments earlier. It just urks me.


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